Sunday, May 10, 2009

What the Dickerson's have been up to.

Pictures that my good friend Ralphie took, so talented!!!!

Special Mother's day surprise dinner that our
Wonderful husbands put together.

Our 12th anniversary!!!!

Easter Fun

Preschool Fun

Camping with good friends!!!!!


Stephanie T said...

You're going to have to update your blog a whole lot more, now that I won't be chatting with you every week at Primary:-)

The Huefner Clan said...

SOOOOOOOO glad to see you updated your blog. Wow it looks like you have been having a blast! Keep it up. Love you, miss you!

Boston Baked Beus said...

Glad to see redsox nation alive and well in Texas Scottie, Wish I could come for the Y game, tell everyone hello for me