Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family Fun

School Fall Festival
Carving pumpkins with friends.
Sadie lost her first tooth. She was so excited.

I had to take some pictures of my pretty flower before they start to die the next few weeks due to the cold weather. I have been so amazed that they did so well this year and I didn't kill them.

The girls and I went and saw the much anticipated High School Muscial 3. We were the first ones in our seats. We had a blast. We love you Troy and Gabriela!!!!!

Daddy was the "Watch Dog" at the girls school. His job included getting to be on the morning Wildcat news at school with the girls, helping in both of the girls classes,helping in the Cafateria, giving high five to all the kids as they walked down the hall and helping in the car rider line after school. He was basicaly the big man on campus for the day. The Girls LOVED IT!!!!! what a great dad.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yesterday Scott had the wonderful opportunity to go down to Galveston, TX with other members of our ward to help in the clean up efforts with hurricane Ike. He said it was an amazing experience. There were homes ripped from there foundations, boats scattered across the freeway and destruction as far as you could see. I was so proud of him!!! the men all had to meet at 3 am and were there until late that night. He felt so good that he was able to help. Our family has had an amazing few months of real spiritual growth. With Scott not working, we have had to put our full faith in the Lord for comfort and strength and we have embraced any opportunity to serve and show the Lord of our love for him. We have been so blessed and have had some amazing spiritual experiences as a family. I loved Conference last week!!!! one phrase that stuck out to us was that you can't have fear and faith we choose faith. I know the Lord loves us and is aware of each of our struggles and is there to give us peace comfort and direction. I am truly grateful for our many trials over the years because they have been great opportunities to stretch and grow. Can you tell it is fast Sunday. Scott and I both got up and bore our testimonies, which is so scary to do for both of us.


Preschool is going well. I have a bunch of really great little kiddos. Shane is of course my hardest student!!!!! He is making progress though and is growing up so fast. This week he said his first sentence "I want a cookie" that's my boy. For September we learned about the color Yellow and had a song to help, to my amazement this morning he pointed to my yellow book and said "Yellow". Yeah Shane!!!

The many faces of our vibrant two year old