Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family Fun

School Fall Festival
Carving pumpkins with friends.
Sadie lost her first tooth. She was so excited.

I had to take some pictures of my pretty flower before they start to die the next few weeks due to the cold weather. I have been so amazed that they did so well this year and I didn't kill them.

The girls and I went and saw the much anticipated High School Muscial 3. We were the first ones in our seats. We had a blast. We love you Troy and Gabriela!!!!!

Daddy was the "Watch Dog" at the girls school. His job included getting to be on the morning Wildcat news at school with the girls, helping in both of the girls classes,helping in the Cafateria, giving high five to all the kids as they walked down the hall and helping in the car rider line after school. He was basicaly the big man on campus for the day. The Girls LOVED IT!!!!! what a great dad.


April and Wes said...

What's your secret to making such cute kids???

The Huefner Clan said...

Cute photos Stacy, and your house looked so festive! I never knew you were such a die hard HSM 3 fan! What a great mom you are!